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How does flexible rubber joint appear under sudden pressurization?

Jul. 30, 2019

How does flexible rubber joint appear under sudden pressurization?

Henan Shunying new energy co., LTD., production in a flexible rubber joint compensation above products are mainly used in all kinds of pipe connection, has the very good damping noise reduction to compensate displacement characteristics, can be flexible rubber joint for my company's patent products, mainly used in connection with larger displacement and vibration of the pipeline compensation, rubber joint compared with the general rubber joint products have a large amount of compensation, has a great deal of compensation Angle, these are other shapes rubber expansion joint products and steel products cannot be compared.

flexible rubber joint

Flexible rubber joints are made of imported rubber vulcanization. The main structure is divided into outer rubber layer, intermediate polyester cord fabric framework layer, inner Angle smooth medium layer and soft steel wire supercharged protection layer. Each layer structure of flexible rubber joints has its own characteristics. The outer rubber layer is generally made of natural anti-aging rubber, which increases the service life of rubber joints supplied Rubber Joint Manufacturer by in light and oxygen rich environment. The middle skeleton layer is a good connection between the internal and external rubber layer, and to prevent the internal broken chain of the rubber, can well prevent the occurrence of local crack leakage phenomenon of rubber joints. The smoothness of the inner rubber layer reduces the resistivity of the medium and ensures the convenient operation of the internal medium. At the same time, it has a good anti-corrosion effect. Part of it has wear resistance and can be used for desulfurization pipeline. The inner layer made of special rubber can realize the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance and high temperature resistance. The pressurized protective layer of soft steel wire can improve the pressure resistance of flexible rubber joints, and give the rubber sufficient deformation time to prevent blasting phenomenon under the condition of sudden pressurization.