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Pipe Expansion Joint Performance And Characteristics

Mar. 04, 2019

A Pipe Expansion Joint is a joint that compensates for dimensional changes in the pipe joint due to thermal expansion and contraction. There are two types of pipe retractors commonly used, one is a Rubber Expansion Joint , and the other is a metal pipe retractor.

Rubber pipe expander features:

First, the structure can reduce the noise transmission and strong vibration absorption.

Second, small size, light weight, good elasticity, convenient installation and maintenance.

Third, the installation can produce axial, lateral, warp, angular displacement, not subject to the user's pipe is not clear, the flange is not parallel.

Fourth, the use of special synthetic rubber can withstand high temperature, acid and alkali, oil resistance, is an ideal product for chemical corrosion resistant pipelines. The main feature of the metal pipe retractor is that the telescopic compensation is large, the temperature is high, and the pressure is high.

There are strict regulations for installing the steel retractor. When installing, pay attention to the setting and stress of the fixing bracket. When the pressure is pressed, the telescopic end of the retractor should not be pulled out due to the cracking of the fixing bracket;

Rubber Expansion Joint