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How to control and reduce the vibration and noise caused by the pump?

Jun. 18, 2019

How to control and reduce the vibration and noise caused by the pump? The Rubber Joint Supplier would like to share with us.

Noise is a kind of environmental pollution in daily life, in people's life and sleep will produce certain effect, the medium inside the pipeline movement level also can produce noise, the pump is to increase the water pressure of the main equipment, it in the import and export operation of pump noise is very big, so we often install a soft rubber joints in the water pump of import and export, in order to control and reduce the vibration and noise generated by it.

Pumps in operation in the process of its occurrence forms, there are many of them serious noise point is produced by the structure of the pipeline and acoustic radiation, in addition to the pipeline internal flow media stimulation produced by outside noise, vibration noise is all other mechanical power produced by water pump operation and thus cause the vibration of the pipeline network equipment noise, so want to control and reduce the pump noise, you need to control the pump source of transmission in order to solve such problems from happening again. The basic principle of the method of controlling the noise of water pump by using rubber soft joint is to use the elasticity of rubber to reduce the vibration isolation of the connection between the water pump outlet and the pipe, and use the flexible function of the rubber joint to cut off the vibration source directly. Cut off vibration and sound transmission between pump and pipe. Can be installed according to the size of pump vibration amplitude single ball rubber joints, double ball rubber joints, three ball rubber joints. The more flexible rubber joints there are, the better the damping effect will be, and the vibration sound produced by the pipeline will be reduced accordingly.

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The rubber soft connector is used in the inlet and outlet of the water pump in order to effectively reduce the vibration and noise generated by the water pump in the process of operation.

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