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How to choose low temperature resistant rubber joint?

Jul. 02, 2019

How to choose low temperature resistant rubber joint? Following the Rubber Joint Supplier.

Rubber joints are hollow rubber products used for flexible connection between metal pipes. It is composed of inner and outer layer rubber, curtain layer and steel ring, which is formed by vulcanization and then combined with metal flange or parallel joint loose sleeve. It not only reduces vibration and noise, but also compensates for thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature change, which is widely used in various pipeline systems.

However, regardless of any rubber will be affected by temperature, high temperature, low temperature, too high or too low temperature will affect the rubber elasticity. So in the rubber soft joint or in the rubber joint rubber will be affected by the stability of their performance characteristics. In fact, we all know that the lower temperature will make the rubber embrittlement and hardening phenomenon, under this situation will absolutely affect the rubber itself elasticity to reduce the performance of such products as rubber soft joints, thus causing some unnecessary trouble. In order to solve this problem, our technician in shunying, henan province, through the selection of materials, makes the rubber soft joints produced more resistant to low temperature, so that the low temperature effect will not affect the performance of rubber components such as rubber soft joints or rubber shock absorbers! There are two kinds of materials, one is silicone rubber, the other is fluororubber, and they all have their various low temperature tolerance limits.

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Silicone rubber can withstand the lowest temperature is in -100 degrees Celsius, it is characterized by compression permanent deformation, wide temperature range, oxidation resistance, weather resistance, shock resistance, moisture resistance and good electrical insulation performance, low temperature resistance, erosion resistance and radiation resistance and other properties. The rubber soft joint made of fluororubber can withstand the lowest temperature at -40 ℃. It is characterized by its resistance to low temperature, high temperature, oil, chemical corrosion and aging. But there are also shortcomings of low elasticity, poor resistance to low temperature. Although silicone rubber products are more resistant to low temperature than fluoro rubber products, it is not necessary to choose the most suitable one, but the most correct one.

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