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Installation Of Rubber Joint Can Reduce Noise Of Water Supply Equipment

Jan. 23, 2019

Secondary water supply equipment brings convenience to high-level users, but at the same time it also brings new problems, that is, noise can not be completely eliminated while using secondary water supply equipment. Then the following is about how to reduce noise of secondary water supply equipment. Rubber Joint Supplier answers for you:

In order to reduce the noise of water supply equipment, first of all, we need to find the source of noise. The main component of secondary water supply equipment is pump unit. Water supply pipes, drainage pipes and so on, so these aspects need to be designed and improved.

1. In order to reduce the noise of pumping units, low-speed vertical pumps should be preferred.

2. Each pump unit should set up a separate foundation to prevent resonance. The pump foundation should adopt a heavy foundation, and rubber joints or rubber cushions should be installed to isolate vibration, so as to reduce vibration and noise.

3. Water hammer eliminator should be installed on water pump pressure pipe; Recommended reading: price of frequency conversion water supply equipment

4. Installation fittings such as flexible Rubber Joint and flexible rubber diameter pipe should be installed on water pump suction pipe and outlet pipe. Generally, the number of isolation fittings can be estimated according to the isolation effect of each flexible rubber joint with insertion loss of 15-20 db.

5. Vibration isolation measures should be taken for pipes and brackets connected with pumps. Casings should be installed for pipes passing through the roof or side walls of pumping houses, and non-combustible flexible materials should be filled between the pipes and pipes.

6. It is inappropriate to install windows directly to window wells in pumping houses.

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