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Skillful technicist help you summarize installation considerations

Jul. 20, 2019
Rubber Joint Supplier

Rubber Joint Supplier shares that skillful technicist help you summarize installation considerations of the stainless steel corrugated compensator.

The purpose of the design of ripple compensator is to allow the bending of thin wall ripple to absorb the displacement of specific pipeline. If installed not carefully , corrugated compensator telescopic life and pressure resistance may be reduced, leading to premature failure or damage to the pipeline.

Rubber Joint Supplier

The corrugated wall must be thick enough not only to withstand the design pressure, but also thin enough to bend to a certain extent to absorb the expected piping deflection. After optimization, the wall thickness of ripples is always smaller than other components in the same piping system. Installation personnel must be aware that the corrugated compensator is more fragile than other piping components and should be installed with all possible protection measures.

Henan Shunying New Energy Co.,Ltd. recommended that the installation should avoid surface collision, welding slag dripping and the surrounding may encounter ripples, try to use a specific external package to protect the corrugated compensator's bellow ,cheap package cost is much lower than the replacement cost caused by accidental damage of the corrugated compensator; Proper storage, handling and installation will ensure that users have reliable corrugated compensator products.


The following Suggestions by are used to prevent possible errors during Rubber Joint  installation. If you have any questions about the installation procedure, be sure to ask Henan Shunying New Energy Co.,Ltd.. first and then follow the instructions.

Allowed items:

1. Check whether there is any damage in the process of handling, such as surface dent, fracture, water mark on the carton, etc.;

2. Store in a clean and dry environment, do not expose to heavy traffic or harmful environment;

3. If the product has lifting lugs, they must be used during handling;

4. Adjust the pipeline to match the corrugated compensator, instead of stretching, compressing or bending the corrugated compensator to match the pipeline; These improper ways may cause the ripple compensator to work beyond its preset load;

5, as far as possible to keep one end of the flange loose state, until the adjustment of the ripple compensator to the appropriate position before being fixed; If you use welding to connect pipeline and ripple compensator, remember to adjust the loose flange to the appropriate position;

6. If there are arrows marked on the product, install the corrugated compensator according to the direction of the arrow, which is the direction of the fluid;

7. When installing the corrugated compensator with flow guide tube, pay attention to the internal extension direction consistent with the fluid direction;

8. After installation, remember to remove all devices for handling before the pressure test of the whole system;

9. Check whether there is any object between ripple and ripple, and remove it immediately .

10. One end of the corrugated compensator must be fixed support;

Prohibited items:

1. Drop or hit the ripple compensator;

2. Remove the transport fixing rod before installation;

3. Remove the absorbent dry bag or external package before installation;

4. Use the lug of the hanger with lugs or transfer fixed rods;

5. Directly touch the chain or any lifting device with the corrugated compensator or the corrugated external package;

6. Pay special attention! The corrugated surface should avoid droplet of welding slag and contact with arc of welding gun during welding.

7. Use chlorinated detergent;

8, use steel ball or wire brush to clean the ripples;

9. To squeeze or twist a certain end of the ripple compensator for the right bolt hole, the ripple generally cannot bear the torque;

10. Hydrostatic test or system emptying of all sliding and fixing racks before installation;

11. In the test, transfer fixed rod is used to withstand the thrust caused by fluid pressure;

12. Use the pipe hanger as the sliding frame;

13. Exceeding the rated test pressure value provided by Henan Shunying New Energy Co.,Ltd..;

In addition: the warranty provided by Henan Shunying New Energy Co.,Ltd.. will be invalid in the event of improper installation methods or violation of prohibitions.