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Notes for installation of large diameter flexible rubber joint
Notes for installation of large diameter ...
Apr. 23, 2019
Rubber Joint Manufacturer shares that flexible rubber joint pipe construction installation, it must be in a natural state, do not artificially in the installation of the product to produce artificial deformation. This can avoid early damage to the product and reduce... View More +
Advantages of C2F double flange force transmission joint
Advantages of C2F double flange force t...
Apr. 20, 2019
Following shared by Rubber Joint Supplier. 1. Easy and convenient installation, easy to install the valve and able to withstand the axial tension of the pipeline.2. The product is composed of metal casting or welding, and trapezoidal rubber sealing ring is selecte... View More +
Application Of Disposable Direct Buried Corrugated Compensator
Application Of Disposable Direct Buri...
Apr. 17, 2019
Rubber Joint Supplier shares that, at present, the pipe heating directly buried corrugated compensator basically adopts the structure of corrugated pipe and outer sleeve. Due to the influence of corrosion and fatigue expansion, it is easy to produce leakage due to f... View More +
Six Precautions For Installation Of High Pressure Rubber Joints
Six Precautions For Installation Of H...
Apr. 13, 2019
(1) the rubber hose shall not be excessively bent or bent at the root when moving or stationary, but shall be bent at least 1.5 times of its diameter; (2) when the rubber hose moves to an extreme position, it shall not be stretched too tight, but rather relaxed; View More +