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Features and product advantages of SSQ-2 pipe compensator
Features and product advantages of SSQ...
May. 08, 2019
Rubber Joint Supplier shares that telescopic pipe expansion joint or pipe compensator. Its structure is almost the same as that of cast iron telescopic pipe, which can be divided into ssq-1 and ssq-2. Ssq-2 type telescopic is a limit telescopic telescopic device. I... View More +
How to install cast iron telescopic device?
How to install cast iron telescopic devic...
May. 05, 2019
Cast iron expansion generally used in the pipeline compensation connection, common cast iron scale for bushing cast iron scale commonly, expansion pipe used in grey cast iron and nodular cast iron are the main types of materials, better general properties of nodular ca... View More +
Suitable working environment temperature for pipe expansion joint
Suitable working environment temperature ...
Apr. 30, 2019
The appropriate temperature of the Pipe Expansion Joint should be at 0 ℃ -- 120 ℃ is the most appropriate, also can be applied to heat pipe expansion joint, can also be applied to water supply and drainage pipeline, the temperature of the heat pipe is much higher ... View More +
How to test the pressure of steel transmission joint?
How to test the pressure of steel transmi...
Apr. 28, 2019
Steel transmission joint is a kind of telescopic products, mainly using Q235 carbon steel, stainless steel, cast steel, ductile iron and other materials, different USES choose different materials and models. View More +