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Integrated precast pump station hot dip galvanized flange rubber joint

Aug. 05, 2019

Henan Shunying New Energy Co.,Ltd. A professinal Rubber Joint Supplier. The Official website will introduce Integrated precast pump station hot dip galvanized flange rubber joint to you.

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There are many places where rubber joints are used. Therefore, the following integrated precast pump station is a relatively different new use case. The integrated precast pump station is buried underground and needs anti-corrosion and long service life,therefore, flange rubber joint products are used, and the effect of vibration and noise reduction is very good. Since the flange needs to be buried underground, it needs anti-corrosion. Stainless steel flange plays the role of anti-corrosion, but the cost is greatly increased.

We aim at this industrial and mining environment, Henan Shunying design a special product, then is the use of hot galvanized flange, which has the effect of corrosion protection, and reduce the cost.

Introduction to hot-dip galvanized flange rubber joint: According to the structure can be divided into single ball, double ball, reducing body, curved sphere and wind pressure coil, etc. 5. By the inner and outer layer of glue, cord fabric layer and steel wire circle tubular rubber parts, flange or parallel again after vulcanization molding and metal joint loose tube. This product can reduce vibration and noise, and can be caused by the temperature change of heat bilges cold shrink compensation effect, widely used in all kinds of pipe system.

Rubber joints are also called rubber hose soft joints, flexible rubber joints, rubber soft joints, high pressure rubber joints, rubber shock absorbers, compensators and so on.

According to the connection mode, there are three types: loose flange type, fixed flange type and screw type. Rubber joints are generally composed of inner rubber layer, fabric reinforced layer (reinforced layer has multi-layer rubber scraping nylon cord fabric), middle rubber layer, external rubber layer, end reinforcement metal ring or steel ring, after high temperature, high pressure vulcanization molding, and metal flange or parallel joint combined with the composite rubber pipe.This product makes use of the advantages of rubber, such as high elasticity, high gas resistance, medium resistance, weather resistance and radiation resistance, etc., which can reduce the vibration and noise of pipeline, and compensate the thermal expansion and cold contraction caused by temperature change.

Hot dip galvanized flange rubber joint features:

1. Small volume, light weight, good elasticity, easy installation and maintenance.

2. Transverse, axial and angular displacements generated by pipeline vibration after installation; Not subject to pipe different center, flange unevenness restrictions.

3. After installation, it can reduce the noise generated by pipeline pump and other vibration, with strong vibration absorption ability.

4. Inside seamless high pressure rubber joint, in the high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance pipeline more effectively prevent corrosive media on the erosion of the inner wall of the rubber joint, improve the service life.

Integrated precast pump station:

Pumping stations for water pressure can solve without gravity irrigation and drainage, water, and water resources allocation under the condition of power source of the problem. As the mainstream of the pump station used in drainage system at present. However, with the passage of time, the traditional pump station also exposed some difficult to overcome in the long run, such as the wall is easy to corrosion, low impurity pump pit precipitation and difficulty of integration, it is difficult to implement effective management and monitoring, etc.

Our company has developed a kind of glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) buried sewage treatment pump station with small volume, high efficiency and intelligence, etc. The point is that compared with the traditional pump station, the civil engineering quantity is less, the manufacturing and installation cycle is short, and the investment can be reduced by more than 20%.Can be formulated according to customer requirements, installation and debugging after qualified factory.The wellshaft of the sewage lifting pump station is customized and produced with high-quality fiberglass materials, including pumps, grilles, pipes, valves, instruments, control equipment and maintenance equipment, etc., to ensure the cost effectiveness and operation reliability of the system to a large extent.


1. Collection and transmission of sewage in living quarters or rural communities;

2. Collection and transmission of sewage from urban sewage treatment plants;

3. Collection and transmission of rainwater in low-lying urban areas;

4. Construction and transformation of municipal sewage official website;

5. Renovation and expansion of old pump station;

6. Lake water circulation.

Rubber Joint Supplier

American standard flexible rubber joint

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