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How to make rubber joint longer service life?

Jun. 01, 2019

How to make rubber joint longer service life?

Rubber joints supplied by Rubber Joint Supplier are hollow rubber products used for flexible connection between metal pipes. It is composed of inner and outer layer rubber, curtain layer and steel ring, which is formed by vulcanization and then combined with metal flange or parallel joint loose sleeve. It not only reduces vibration and noise, but also compensates for thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature change, which is widely used in various pipeline systems. The rubber joint is the common flexible joint in the pipeline project installation, how can let the rubber joint in the pipeline service life longer, first must carry on the careful maintenance and the maintenance. Then, how can the rubber joint be carefully maintained and maintained? The summary has the following points:

1. The rubber soft joint molding, after high temperature film pressure, due to the elastomer has the cohesion can not be eliminated, in the molding out of the mold, often produce very unstable shrinkage (rubber shrinkage rate, because of different varieties of rubber and different), must go through a period of time, can be gentle and stable. Therefore, when a rubber product design at the beginning, regardless of formula or mold, we need to carefully calculate, if not, it is easy to produce products size instability, resulting in low quality products.

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2. High pressure resistant Rubber Joint is a thermosetting elastomer, while plastic is thermosetting and thermosetting. Due to the different sulfide types of rubber, its forming and curing temperature range, there is a considerable gap, and even because of climate change, indoor temperature and humidity. Therefore, the production conditions of rubber joints, need to make appropriate adjustments at any time, if not, may produce quality differences.

3. In addition, in terms of storage, keep it away from strong acids and bases, in addition to keeping it in a cool, dry place with no sunlight. When the rubber soft joint is not used, it can be coated with some talcum powder outside its appearance. Didn't you see that there is a layer of white powder on the bag balloon and hair rubber band you just bought? The white powder is talcum powder. Talcum powder is also available, economical, convenient and effective.