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How to distinguish the quality of products from the color of flexible rubber joints?

Jul. 05, 2019

How to distinguish the quality of products from the color of flexible rubber joints?

Henan win new energy co., LTD is specialized in the production pipeline equipment manufacturer, rubber joint is also the main products by Rubber Joint Supplier, rubber joint type also is varied, the most common is single sphere in a flexible rubber joint, variable diameter rubber joint, flanging rubber joint, double sphere rubber joint, clamp rubber joint, and so on rubber joint series products. In our use of the common flexible rubber joints, people in the purchase of flexible flexible rubber joints must be to choose high-quality purchase, today by my Shanghai shunying technician to teach you how to identify the quality of products from the color of flexible flexible rubber joints?

Flexible flexible rubber joints are made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and various additives, which are similar to polymer alloys. During the vulcanization process, the internal polymer rubber materials with three-dimensional mesh hinge are formed. This is the reason why flexible flexible rubber joints have high elasticity and compensation function. Summary of experience in the manufacturing process tells you how to distinguish the quality of rubber joints from the color.

Quality in a higher percentage of flexible rubber joint product USES the natural rubber, the use of a variety of molding auxiliary less, general rubber joint products in order to save costs in the manufacturing process with a large amount of waste, such as scrap tire powder and so on, the rubber material is through long-term mechanical deformation of the various links appear rupture phenomenon, not the quality of the product made of rubber joint. The use of natural rubber ratio of flexible rubber joints is matte appearance, generally appear black state, the appearance is not very smooth. On the contrary, the appearance of smooth shiny rubber joint products of poor quality, black shiny interior must participate in a variety of scrap.

Henan shun win new energy co., LTD., has many years of production experience, from the production of rubber joint to the finished product has a strict quality control, and for the special rubber joint made of special rubber to both from raw material choice and from rubber joint process, has a unique experience and plan, ensure the quality of each rubber joint

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