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The Difference Between Flexible Rubber Joints And Rubber Compensators

Feb. 28, 2019

Rubber Compensator, also known as air duct compensator or rubber duct compensator, is commonly used in duct piping systems. The medium passing through the pipeline is mainly hot air; Flexible Rubber Joints are often used in systems connecting pipelines and pump valves. The medium passing through the pipeline is a liquid-based product such as water, pulp, oil, and sand. The rubber compensator and the rubber soft joint belong to the pipe expansion joint, and the production materials have the same; however, the production process is different, and the produced products have differentities.

Rubber compensator product features:

1. The rubber compensator has good displacement reduction, can provide large multi-dimensional direction compensation in a small size range, and can better eliminate the multi-directional error generated when various pipelines are installed and connected.

2. It has superior sound absorption and isolation function, which can effectively reduce and eliminate the transmission of sound and vibration of boilers, fans and other systems.

3. Reduce the design process without adding other auxiliary facilities.

4, rubber air duct compensator and insulation materials have high heat and corrosion resistance, never rust, reduce maintenance costs.

5, with excellent air tightness and flexibility, can ensure that the transport medium is leak-free and reverted to its original state after repeated displacement.

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