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Prevent rubber joints from stretching

May. 23, 2019

Prevent rubber joints from stretching

Rubber Joint Supplier shares that rubber joints are widely used in pipe connection and have strong adaptability to various media. Such as Flexible Rubber Joint.Now in use is most rubber joint are both ends flanges, used to connect with pipes, all materials are in the middle of the rubber material, once the pipes of large displacement or change over time, pull rubber joint is likely, it will be possible directly to the rubber joint damage, for this kind of situation, how to avoid rubber joint by drawing?

Rubber Joint Supplier

Because there is no guarantee that the pipe will not appear moving phenomenon, and the rubber joint material is more special, so, in solving the rubber joint is stretched phenomenon, but also need to consider from the rubber joint. At present, in view of this situation, there are two kinds of method of use: first in the part of the pipe connected to the rubber joint by using cement or other reinforcement for reinforcement, to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of mobile, pipe joint but this method is relatively complicated to do it, but also for the late maintenance of rubber joint is very bad, so, many people do not choose this method. Another method is to directly reinforce the rubber joint to produce a tensile rubber joint that is easy to use. What is a stretch resistant rubber joint? The anti-stretching rubber joint is to add a ring of bolt protection device in the flange of the rubber joint, the protection device can control the stretching amount of the rubber joint, generally in the rubber joint week add 3-4 bolts, by adjusting the length of the bolt to adjust the extension length of the rubber joint. So what are the advantages of tensile rubber joints? Since the rubber joint is protected by bolts all week, when the pipe is substantially moved or shifted, the rubber joint will not be damaged due to the protection of bolts, so as to protect the rubber joint.

When using the rubber joint, and displacement of pipeline is a kind of situation, must want to consider, therefore, in some mountainous area or crust active areas, using the stretched rubber joint is very useful, it can effectively avoid the rubber joint is damaged, for rubber joint, the stretching rubber joint is strong means to protect rubber joint is not damaged.