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How to maintain rubber joints?

Jun. 03, 2019

How to maintain rubber joints?

Rubber joints in the pipeline has a very important role, such as the flexible rubber joint For heavy industry, so the correct installation and use of rubber joints is very important, in order to ensure the normal use of rubber joints, we are very necessary to understand the reasons for rubber joints damage, and its solutions.

1. Leakage of rubber joints; Check whether the bolts of the flange piece of the rubber joint are tightened or not. If not tightened, it will cause the leakage of the rubber joint and increase the wear of the ball.

2. Cracking problem; A lot of rubber joints exposed to outdoor pipes in the long-term sun exposure, will cause rubber joints aging, the sun can cause great harm to the rubber joints, especially the summer sun exposure. Under the direct exposure of the sun, the temperature of the rubber joints installed in the open air not only rises rapidly, but also causes thermal cracking or thermal crosslinking of the rubber. And it's activation. Increase oxygen diffusion rate and activation oxidation reaction, thereby accelerating the oxidation reaction rate of rubber, which is a universal aging phenomenon - thermal aging of oxygen. And with the change of temperature, the thermal expansion of building materials will make the rubber compensator expand and contract. Our company's research shows that the temperature difference between building walls during the day and night can reach 80℃, resulting in the movement of rubber expansion joint up to 25%, even up to 50% in extreme conditions. At this time, the shape variable is also relatively large, the rubber joint is under the double pressure, easy to happen rato tear or other deformation, the shorter the light wave, the greater the energy. Rubber is damaged by high - energy ultraviolet rays. In addition to the break and crosslinking of rubber molecular chains caused by ultraviolet light, the absorption of light energy by rubber produces free radicals, which triggers and accelerates the oxidation chain reaction process. Outside light ACTS as a heating agent. Another feature of light (as opposed to heat) is that it develops mainly on the surface of the rubber. In the sample of rubber joint with high rubber content, there will be network cracks on both sides, which is called "light outer crack". Rubber joint sphere in different degrees of cracks, the rubber joint of this kind of circumstance had better be more bad, and take appropriate protective measures to avoid the rubber joint continue to expose in the sun, for example to rubber joint sets of plastic bags or plastic film, delay the ageing of the rubber joint cracking time as far as possible, to extend the working life of the rubber joint.

flexible rubber joint

3. Deformation of blisters; The use environment of some Flexible Rubber Joint are long-term immersion in water medium, it may cause sphere parts by bubble deformation, not influence the performance of the rubber joint and continue to use, but still need to periodically check, if it is found that rubber joint sphere should soak deformation or sub separation, will need to replace the sphere as soon as possible.

4. Dimensional deformation; Improper method of rubber joint in the installation process leads to excessive displacement. Resulting in dimensional deformation, the rubber joint should be reinstalled after adjusting the pipe.