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[Rubber Joint for sale]Connection mode of rubber joint under different environment

May. 30, 2019

Connection mode of rubber joint under different environment

Flexible Rubber Joint suplier shares that in our daily life, different places may use the rubber connector, so in different environments we will use the rubber connector is not the same. What we need to pay more attention to is that the installation mode of rubber joints is different under certain circumstances.

In the pipeline, because of the flow of media and pipeline laying reasons, the pressure inside the pipeline and the normal atmospheric pressure is not the same. Therefore, a problem arises, that is, will the rubber joint product be pulled off due to the pressure of the pipe after it is connected with the pipe? The answer is yes, because different rubber joints can adapt to a certain pressure of the pipeline, the rubber joint products and pipeline connection is not always the way.

To sum up, there are three ways of connecting rubber joints and pipes: flange, clamp, screw. Compared with the three connection modes, if the same conditions, the maximum pressure is applied to the flange, then the screw, and finally the clamp.

Flexible Rubber Joint suplier

Typically, clamp connection more use in small diameter pipe, band rubber joint although do not have the advantage in terms of the pressure performance, but the band rubber joint most has the advantage in price, and tear open outfit is convenient, in the process of using and maintenance of the late only need to open the clamp can be convenient for pipeline maintenance.

In the case of relatively large pipeline pressure, can be used to screw rubber joints, installation and removal is very convenient. Thread rubber joint in the need to connect the ends of the pipe before installation in the horizontal plane flat, when installation the thread is rubber joint twist in one of the first period of pipe fittings, then at the end of a screw pipe fittings, always stay in the horizontal plane, to prevent the uneven in the process of installation and torn rubber ball, and then the thread by hand or wrench tight, finally put the thread on both ends of the rubber joint and pipe fixed on it is not easy to stretch or distorted objects.

Then is the flange rubber joint, flange rubber joint installation link is relatively more complex than the first two kinds, but the product pressure performance is really the best, installed in the pipeline can ensure the stable operation of the pipeline within the product life cycle.

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