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The difference between expansion joint and rubber joint

Aug. 12, 2019

The difference between expansion joint and rubber joint

Expansion joint and rubber joint are widely used in the field of pipe fittings nowadays. The telescopic joint produced by Henan wining is a new product connecting pump, valve, pipeline and other equipment to the pipeline. By connecting them together with bolts, it becomes a whole with a certain amount of displacement, so as to compensate for the axial displacement caused by thermal stress or other stresses in the pipeline. The rubber joint produced by henan shunying has strong scalability, which is mainly used at the joint of unfixed pipeline to reduce vibration and resist dryness in operation. In addition, according to the different use environment, rubber change formula, can play, resistant to high temperature, heat resistance Flexible Rubber Joint, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics, which is some just do not have, the application is quite wide.

Rubber Joint supplier

Rubber Joint Supplier

Expansion joint and the difference between the two rubber joints, belong to the same Pipe Rubber Joints connection accessories, both scalability can also have some compensation, but still have very big difference in the specific application, rubber joint is installed on the pipe 6 the rubber joint its elongation and compression is change as the product the size of the nominal diameter increases, the compensation of the increase is obvious but by DN200 it after the displacement variation is small. However, the axial compensation of the expansion joint is different from that of the expansion joint. The axial compensation amount of the expansion joint changes with the size of the nominal diameter. The extension and compression amount of the expansion joint in each small range are basically the same, but the expansion amount is steadily increasing from the general trend. Appear this kind of circumstance needs from his analysis on the working principle, the rubber joint expansion amount by elasticity of rubber, rubber elasticity, though good but also has a limit, but the expansion pipe, it is not so one thing, the expansion pipe is ontology and the center of the compensation for the relative displacement of the expansion pipe has certain gap activities help parts of normal running, seal and seal ring in the middle of the two, to ensure that the expansion joint of waterproof performance.