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Advantages of C2F double flange force transmission joint

Apr. 20, 2019

Advantages of C2F double flanged loose sleeve power transfer joint

Following shared by Rubber Joint Supplier.

1. Easy and convenient installation, easy to install the valve and able to withstand the axial tension of the pipeline.

2. The product is composed of metal casting or welding, and trapezoidal rubber sealing ring is selected for loose sleeve parts under the action of gland and bolts.

3. Using the elastic deformation principle of rubber compression. Force the sealing ring to be deformed between the outer wall of the telescopic pipe of the joint body for static sealing.

4. The metal and sealing ring shall be selected in strict accordance with the performance and user requirements. External coating with high strength anticorrosive paint, all connection bolts are made of high strength carbon steel or stainless steel. Because there is a certain clearance between the body and the telescopic tube, it has a certain axial and radial displacement.

5. It can effectively compensate and relieve the pipeline and blind plate thrust in the pipeline, and facilitate the installation, maintenance and replacement of pumps and valves. It is actually an ideal supporting product in the pipeline installation and transportation industry.

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