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Installation instruction of double ball rubber joint

May. 15, 2019

Installation instruction of double ball rubber joint

1. The double ball rubber joint in the pipeline construction, it must be in a natural state, is prohibited to exceed the limit of displacement installation.

2. When the pipeline medium is acid-alkali resistant, oil resistant, high temperature resistant and other special materials, joints with a gear higher than the working pressure of the pipeline should be selected.

3. Flat, suspended, vertical installation of rubber joints, rubber joints of the actual working axial displacement pressure is less than the pipeline support force, otherwise it should be installed anti-pulling device, in order to prevent the product in the process of operation lost stability.

4. The flange connecting the rubber joint shall be the valve flange or the flange conforming to GB/ t9115.1-2000.

5. The pipe must have a fixed support or a fixed bracket, and the force of the fixed bracket must be greater than the axial force. During vertical installation and overhead installation, corresponding fixed support and force support should be installed at both ends of the product to prevent the pulling out after working under pressure.

6. Keep away from heat source during installation. Do not use media that does not meet the requirements of the product.

double ball rubber joint

7. After the rubber soft joint bears the pressure for the first time (such as installation and pressure test) or before it is used again after a long period of service, the bolts shall be repressurized and tightened before it is put into operation.

8. When the pipeline displacement is greater than or equal to the maximum compensation of the joint, the number of joints should be increased to parallel displacement, is strictly prohibited in order to adjust the pipe out of tolerance, so that the joint in the limit of deflection and deviation, not to exceed the limit (expansion, displacement, deflection, etc.), the use of specific installation data is shown in the table below.

9. High-rise water supply or suspended water supply, the pipeline should be fixed on the hanger, bracket, and can not let the joint to bear the weight of the pipeline and axial force, otherwise the joint should be equipped with anti-pull device (the bearing capacity must be greater than the pipeline axial force).

10. When installing the rubber joint, the screw rod of the bolt should be extended to the outside of the joint, and the bolt of each flange end face should be tightened repeatedly and evenly according to the method of diagonal pressure to prevent pressure deviation.