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Advantage of using double ball rubber connector

Jun. 10, 2019

Advantage of using double ball rubber connector

Double ball rubber joint is actually the appearance shape is apart from the single sphere rubber joint, its installation length than single sphere rubber joint, this solves the rubber joint length of short installation, the need to install the rubber joint of longer length of time can use double sphere rubber joint supplied by the Rubber Joint Manufacturer, but double sphere rubber joint displacement limit to prohibit overheating when installation to install. When installing double ball rubber joints in flat, suspended and vertical position, the actual working axial displacement pressure of rubber joints is less than the supporting force of pipelines, otherwise anti-pulling device should be installed to prevent pulling under pressure during work.

The pipe must have a fixed support or bracket, and the force of the bracket must be greater than the axial force. In vertical installation and overhead installation, the two ends of the product shall be installed with corresponding fixed supports and force supports to prevent the work from pulling down after compression. Installation bolts of double sphere rubber joints should be tightened by pressure step by step symmetrically to prevent partial leakage. The installation should be kept away from heat source. Medium not conforming to the requirements of this product is strictly prohibited.

Rubber Joint Manufacturer

Double ball rubber joints are mainly composed of working themes of rubber spheres and flanges at both ends, rubber is relatively soft, can reduce vibration and noise, and can compensate for the thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes, so it is doomed to double ball rubber joints in the important position of the pipeline system. The practice of double ball rubber joints and single ball rubber joints production method is almost the same, are composed of internal and external layers of rubber, fabric layer and steel wire ring tubular rubber pieces, after vulcanization molding and metal flange or parallel joint loose sleeve combination. Due to the long length of the double sphere rubber joint, the pressure-resistant part is mainly in the raised part in the middle, so the double sphere rubber joint can not withstand pressure as the single sphere rubber joint, the small diameter of the double sphere rubber joint can generally reach 1.6Mpa, the larger diameter of the double sphere rubber joint can reach 1.0Mpa.