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Application Of Disposable Direct Buried Corrugated Compensator

Apr. 17, 2019

Application Of One - Time Direct Buried Corrugated Compensator

Rubber Joint Supplier shares that, at present, the pipe heating directly buried corrugated compensator basically adopts the structure of corrugated pipe and outer sleeve. Due to the influence of corrosion and fatigue expansion, it is easy to produce leakage due to fracture in long-term use. Therefore, most heating pipes adopt the disposable compensator. At the same time, in the application process of the disposable bellows compensator, the stress concentration phenomenon is very serious, and the torques of the ring plate, outer sleeve and working end pipe will be generated in the process of stress. Problems undermining structure parts, most of the factory used the material hardness, the methods to improve the operation, but can not fundamentally solve the reinforcement plate tend to work end of pipe, the problems of the parent metal tear according to the above problem, dongsheng pipeline for one-time bellows compensator products, has carried on the comprehensive technical innovation, effectively meet the field of application.

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Henan shun win for one-time buried corrugated compensator product structure, make full analysis, research and development of the one-time buried corrugated compensator, the improved structure is adopted and the straight pipe arc transition of continuous variable diameter tube (reducer) and gradually coat is linked together, fundamentally solve the problem of stress concentration, the stress at work condition is improved, the tensile and compressive mechanical properties is higher than the parent metal. Compared with the ordinary one time direct burying compensator, the new one time direct burying corrugated compensator has the advantages of high strength, good quality and stable and reliable operation.

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