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How to install buried rubber joint?

Jun. 25, 2019

How to install buried rubber joint? Shared by Rubber Joint Supplier.

Flexible rubber joint buried protection device, leave enough space around, not only does not affect the displacement performance of the rubber joint, but also can make the rubber joint and the external fill soil isolation, but also can make the pipe in the device at both ends of free sliding, does not produce any resistance. After the pipeline installation is completed, the rammed ground is still flat as before after backfilling. Vehicles running, piling heavy objects or installation of equipment will not be affected by any. Rubber joint and steel pipe flange connection, the bolt screw should be extended to pipe flange at one end, in order to prevent the thread will be compressed rubber joint arch part to squeeze inflation hurt or injured, must be symmetrical each side of the bolt pressure to tighten, make the tightness of all bolts are consistent, use conditions, in addition to increasing flat pad, spring washer should be added, to prevent loose nut.

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In a flexible rubber joint buried protective device around leave enough space, no influence on the performance of the rubber joint displacement, and can make the rubber joint filling with external isolation, still can make free sliding on both ends of the pipeline in the equipment, does not produce any resistance, pipeline installation after the completion of the backfill compaction sunrise leveling the ground again, vehicles, stacking heavy objects or install equipment is not affected by any. This buried device is composed of two semicircle hollow parts, which put rubber joints and pipe flat welding flanges into the body. Two semicircle planar strip steel is installed at both ends to ride on the outer pipe walls of both sides of flanges. The facade support at both ends is determined according to the depth of soil layer, which is enough to bear external pressure load. The configuration is provided with a certain number of locking bolts for assembly after installation.