Metal braided hose used in Oil pipeline.


A hose or pipe is a flexible hollow tube used to transport liquids or gases from a source to a destination or from one location to another.

Use metal hoses on the oil pipeline to easily withstand pressure

Stainless steel braided hoses have a unique design depending on the intended use. Rubber hoses can only be used for simple purposes, while hoses used in industrial equipment and piping require additional reinforcement to withstand the extreme pressures required by the application. These materials are not easily decomposed after exposure to different chemicals. Therefore, factors that affect hose design may be size, weight, pressure, length, and so on.

In particular, pressure is the main factor determining the degree of braided hoses. When the pressure increases, the unwoven hose immediately elongates. The outer layer of stainless steel wire of metal hose helps to suppress this pressure.

Multi-layer weaving increases the working pressure. In order to absorb the longitudinal forces generated by the internal pressure, the braid is tightly attached to the hose fitting. Because of their high flexibility, they are able to adapt to motion. Double weave improves hose compression resistance.

Use metal braided hoses to be lighter, more efficient, and more affordable

These stainless steel braided hoses are lighter than non-metallic hoses on the market. They are more resistant to cracking, whether in use or in storage for extended periods of time. Because they are transparent, people can more easily detect air resistance or blockage. As for the price, metal hoses are cheaper than rubber hoses.

Metal hose use field

Electrical industry - they are used to protect cables or light conductors.

Suitable for conveying liquefied gas.

In the automotive industry, these metal hoses are used as exhaust gas hoses.

In technical construction tools, they act as ventilation ducts.

There is a large demand for measurement and control tools.

They are equally effective in applications such as aerospace, reactor technology, and solar hot air.

In addition, their use in chemical processing, laboratory and research, pharmaceutical manufacturing, refrigeration and cooling systems is also common.

Stainless steel braided hoses offer high pressure resistance and versatility, and are far superior to non-metallic hoses in terms of efficiency, durability and affordability.

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