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Metal bellows expansion joints (also called Metal Expansion Joint) are compensating elements for thermal expansion and relative movement in pipelines, containers and machines. They consist of one or more metal bellows, connectors at both ends, and tie rods that depend on the application. They are differentiated according to the three basic types of movement: axial, angular and lateral expansion joints.

Design temperature: -20~+400°C

Metal Bellows Expansion Joint Compensator

Metal Bellows Expansion Joint Compensator

  • Metal Bellows Expansion Joint Compensator
  • Metal Bellows Expansion Joint Compensator
  • Metal Bellows Expansion Joint Compensator
Metal Bellows Joint application

1) Pipeline which has large deformation and the deformation but limited space.

2) Large diameter pipe which has large deformation and displacement but low pressure.

3) Equipment which nozzle load are limited.

4) Pipeline which requires high frequency mechanical vibration absorption or isolation.

5) Pipeline which requires seismic or foundation settlement absorption.

6) Shock absorption of pipeline pump outlet.

Board box type limited expansion compensator is one of the important component in pipe installation, the compensator has the characteristics of small volume, convenient installation, cover a small area, reduce labor intensity, saving labor, saving materials, practical, etc.

Expansion amount is 20-120mm, no leakage, no padding, good scalability, safe and reliable, can save maintenance workload, the compensator has novel and reasonable structure, without wearing parts, small volume, light weight, easy to install and for transportation, is the ideal product  for installation of pipes.

1. The compensator&metal expansion joints are used in a wide variety of piping application to compensate for thermal expansion or contraction and to absorb equipment vibration or pipe motions.

2. We manufacture single, two-ply and multiply testable bellows in different sizes using precision forming technology.

3. They are used as an retractable elastic compensation element, has the advantages of the reliable working, good performance, compact structure.

4. The compensator&Metal expansion joints absorb movement in piping caused by theraml changes.

5. Durability and excellent chemical resistance.

6. Widely used to absorb termal expansion in pipe systems carring water, steam, oil and gases

Main Data
OrderSpecification(two waves)Nominal diameterCompensation amount(mm)Summit diameter(mm)Length(mm)
53"DN 8060=±30360340
162" four wavesDN50120=±60300590