How to protect you and your family from Coronavirus?


Coronavirus is spreading quickly through the world, as is misinformation on how to protect yourself against it.

Let me tell you lastest update of  Coronavirus and how to protect you and your family from Coronavirus.

First ,Let us look at a set of data. Follow me.

You can see that in addition to Wuhan, Hubei Province, the number of confirmed diagnoses is very small, the number of cures is increasing, and the number of deaths is also very small.

   You can know that different countries have varying degrees of infection, especially South Korea and Italy.Now the world needs to come together to fight the coronavirus.

How to protect you and your family from Coronavirus?

China has made good achievements in combating the coronavirus. In just two months, the number of confirmed diagnoses has gradually decreased, the number of deaths has also decreased, and the number of cures has increased. We can tell friends around the world how to protect you and your family from Coronavirus.

  1. Wear Mask.

Way for spreading of way for spreading:

Respiratory droplet transmission is the main route of transmission, and can also be transmitted through contact. Digestive tract transmission is possible.So wearing a mask can reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.

    Wash your hands to get rid of possible Coronaviruses on your hands.

Taking a temperature measurement can promptly detect if there are symptoms of the Coronavirus.

Disinfection with alcohol reduces Coronavirus survival.

Because the incubation period of the Coronavirus is 3-7 days, or 7-14 days. You can't predict who has the Coronavirus, so reduce aggregation and reduce the chance of infection.

Open the windows and let fresh air flow in to prevent the Coronavirus from breeding in confined spaces.

We will also show you how to avoid Coronaviruses properly through a video on Youtube.

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