How did buyers find reliable products and suppliers during the Coronavirus?


You know as usual, from March, many foreign customers will start to purchase in China or find new suppliers.

But this year is different, because this Coronavirus that has affected life and work since the Chinese New Year has led to the cancellation or postponement of various exhibitions not only in China. Many exhibitions including foreign countries are also cancelled or postponed due to large-scale outbreaks of Coronavirus in the world. What should buyers do?

So how do you find reliable products and suppliers during an outbreak?

China is currently the only reliable supplier.

1. The outbreak in China has been fully controlled, and production and logistics are slowly returning to normal, while other countries have just begun to break out.

2. Because China's production and export volume today is not only based on a huge labor force, but also based on the experience, technology and comprehensive support accumulated over the years.

3. China itself has its own huge market absorption capacity. Not only can all products or parts be exported, but they can also be provided to China's own domestic market. No other country can do this alone.

Now that there is no exhibition, how do customers purchase products?

1. Due to the epidemic, there is no exhibition and it cannot reach China. Customers need to find suppliers through the platform. Such as Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.

2. Find reliable suppliers through major social media software. Such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, VK, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.

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