The characteristics and functions of full face rubber joints


Full face rubber joints are also called full face flexible rubber joints . The feature of full face rubber joints  is that the flange is in full contact with the end face of the sphere, so the contact area when the flange is connected to the pipe is relatively large, and the large-area contact makes the sealing performance better.

Full face rubber joint is an improved product. The prototype product is a KXT single-ball flexible rubber joint, which has the characteristics of high pressure resistance, good elasticity, large deflection and displacement, aging resistance, shock absorption and noise reduction.

1. When installing full face rubber joints, excessive displacement is strictly prohibited.

2. When installing the bolts, the bolts should be symmetrical and tightened gradually to prevent leakage.

3. For working pressures above 1.6 MPa, the mounting bolts should have elastic pressure pads to prevent the bolts from loosening during work.

4. When installed vertically, both ends of the joint pipe should be supported by vertical force, and an anti-drop device can be used to prevent the product from being pulled off under high pressure。