FKM Rubber joint


Viton rubber expansion joints, also known as FKM / FPM expansion joints, are suitable for various applications involving corrosive chemicals (strong acids, aromatic solvents or hydrocarbons and fuels) or high-temperature products. FKM rubber expansion joints can withstand temperatures up to 200°C.

FKM (viton) rubber expansion joints

In addition to the standard grades of FKM rubber expansion joints, many other special types of fluoroelastomers are also used, formulated to meet different types of resistance requirements. In this way, our FKM rubber expansion joints can achieve the best performance in almost all specific situations.

The viton rubber expansion joint compensates for thermal elongation and misalignment. FKM expansion joints made of fluorine rubber can isolate vibration, suppress noise and pressure fluctuations, and connect with pipes, pumps, etc.