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Flexible rubber joint is also called shock absorber, pipe shock absorber, shock proof box and soft joint, and so on. It is a pipe joint of high-flexibility, high-gas tightness, resistance to medium and climate. It has such functions as following:

1. Small volume, small weight, good flexibility, easy installation and maitenance.

2. It can make horizontal, axial and angular displacement when being installed. It cannot be restricted by the obstruction of pipe and the non-parallel of flange.

3. It can reduce noise passed through structure when it works and has strong shock absorption.

4. Our company personally develops inner non-seal high-pressure rubber joint that can prevent effectively inner wall of rubber joint from the corrosion in the pipe of high-temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and oil resistance to improve the use life.

WTX Flexible Rubber Elbow

WTX Flexible Rubber Elbow

  • WTX Flexible Rubber Elbow
  • WTX Flexible Rubber Elbow
  • WTX Flexible Rubber Elbow

WTX Flexible Rubber Elbow

(1) Economy: Compared with the systems of mechanic stretching and material damping, it has the advantages of little space covering, light weight, easy assembly and disassembly, labor saving and low cost. Its smooth inner wall can reduce flow resistance. It has good water tightness, so there is no need of gasket during the installation. It has wide application, large temperature-resistance scope and long working life. (This product can be used for 20 years if it is used indoors. )

(2) Displacement: Flange is free from pipe decentraction and imbalance. Its good flexibility allows compression, extension, distortion, deflection of vertical displacement, etc. Which can prevent the pipeline from damage of deformation and foundation settlement arising from expansion caused by heat and contraction caused by cold.

(3) Shock and noise absorption: The large damping of rubber sphere can effectively buffer and isolate vibration, control and reduce mechanical vibration, and absorb fluid impact noise. The reasonable installation between vibrating machine and metal pipe can decrease structure-borne noise by 15-25 decibels.

(4) Pressure resistance: The multilayered sphere structure can especially endure internal pressure, withstand strong blasting force and impact, and prevent deformation from external pressure. There are many pressure standards on work piece.

(5) Reducibility: After external force compressed, it can recover to original state when this force is removed.

(6) Wide application: Different rubber material and formula can make product possess different resistance to heat, oil, corrosion, age, abrasion and ozone.

Technical parameter
Model  ItemWTX-1WTX-2WTX-3
Working pressure Mpa(kgf/cm²)1.0(10)1.6(16)2.5(25)
Explosion pressure Mpa(kgf/cm²)2.0(20)3.0(30)4.5(45)
Vacuum (mm/Hg)53.3(400)86.7(650)100(750)
Applicable Temperature ℃-15°C-+115°C(-30°C-250°C under special conditions)
Applicable MediumAir, compressed air, water, sea water, oil, acid, alkali, and so on
Main Data
Nominal DiameterLength(mm)Allowable displacement in all directions