Strict standards in the painting process of double flange dismantling joints


   After the production of the double flange dismantling joint is finished, certain maintenance and operation are required. This is because of the beauty, the second is to detect that the product is not damaged, and the third function is to prevent corrosion, which is also an important point.

  The product will inevitably come into contact with the medium (mostly water) and oxygen during use. Corrosion is not uncommon. After painting, the product itself will be isolated from water and oxygen, which will play a certain role in the corrosion protection of the product. But in the process of painting, various standards and precautions also need to be paid attention to.

   1. The internal anticorrosive epoxy coating of the double flange dismantling joint is generally required (ie, plastic spray treatment).

  2. The rust removal of the inner wall of the double-flange dismantling joint by sandblasting and other methods has reached the SA2.5 standard of GB/T8923, which is the natural color of the pipe wall.

  3. The anti-rust material used inside the double-flange dismantling joint has a sanitary license and is harmless to the human body.

  4. The surface hardness is good. Use a 2H pencil to try to scratch without scratches.

   5. The interior of the double flange dismantling joint usually needs to be sprayed in five processes. A good primer is completed within one hour after sandblasting and rust removal, and the next spraying process is performed after the surface is dry.

  6, impact resistance ≥4.9

  7, 500h test of salt spray resistance

   8. Sewage resistance 100°C 90d qualified

   9. After spraying, the spraying effect should be checked randomly, and the damage of the layer thickness, pores, air bubbles, etc. should be repaired in time.