How to improve the protection of dismantling joints in summer


With the gradual arrival of summer, under the influence of climate temperature in summer, industrial production pipelines, civil drinking water pipelines, wastewater treatment pipelines, etc. in high temperature weather, because the steel expands and contracts when the temperature rises, the molecular heat the movement is violent.

As a result, the mechanical precision of the pipe expansion joint is reduced, and the sealing performance is reduced. How do people prevent this problem?

1. Heat resistance is mainly to avoid the cracks and stickiness caused by the direct sunlight in the hot summer temperature. Once the cracking condition is found, the dismantling joint products applied on the equipment should be disassembled and replaced to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

2. People's workers need to carry out regular inspections in winter and summer, and people are reminded again that companies and manufacturers that have applied and are ready to apply dismantling joint.

3. In hot weather, remember to improve the application of dismantling joint installed in water supply and drainage pipelines in hot weather, minimize sun exposure and exposure, and cover dismantling joints as much as possible, such as shading cloth, awnings, etc., to avoid dismantling joints Damage caused us to cause economic losses.

4. In the case of application, adjust the installation length according to the required length. Generally, adjusting the upper nut according to the application drawings can adjust the length of the expansion joint. If the required amount of compensation is achieved, adjust the upper gland bolt nut , Plays a very good sealing role.

Dismantling joint is a new product that connects pumps, valves, pipelines and other equipment to pipelines. Connect them according to full bolts to make them integrated and have a certain amount of displacement for easy installation. It can bear the axial working pressure of the pipeline. In this way, it can be adjusted according to the on-site installation size during installation and maintenance. During work, it not only improves work efficiency, but also plays a certain role in protecting pipeline equipment such as pumps and valves.