80 bar Metal bellow expansion joint send to UAE


Warmly congratulate our company on the successful completion of the order of ANSI 600# duplex 2205 stainless steel bellows compensator in the tunnel project of the UAE government.

This order mainly includes four sizes of DN50, DN80, DN100, and DN125, all of which are made of stainless steel, of which the flange is made of Duplex 2205, and the bellows are made of SS316L double-layer waves. To ensure pressure safety, the bellows are protected by armored rings. , The welding part adopts internal and external welding, the bellows only uses the internal welding method, and both ends adopt the three-way welding method, which is stronger. The internal treatment is smooth and has no resistance to flow. Each welding seam will be tested, and all welding parts will be passivated. On the premise of ensuring quality, more attention is paid to appearance, so the material is strictly in accordance with customer requirements, and quality and quantity are guaranteed.